Real Time Traffic Info: 1-800-715-6722

Link to Border Crossing Traffic Conditions

You can access traffic cameras from web enabled cell phones and other mobile devised at

For broder crossing information including travel advisories, closures and special event information go to

The Highway Advisory Radio on the AM dial at 1610, you’ll hear about significant border delays, travel advisories and other current traffic conditions.

The Canada Border Services Agency offers a complete list of all requirements and regulations needed to travel to Canada. The toll-free number in Canada 1-800-461-9999 or outside of Canada you may call 1-204-983-3500.

The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency offers a complete list of all requirements and regulations needed to travel to the United States. The telephone number is 1-703-526-4200.

Generally crossing the border is straight-forward and will include going through immigration customs both ways. The biggest hassle is usually the length of the queues as the Niagara Region is very popular.

Ensure you have the necessary papers.

Passports are required. There are alternative such as Nexus ID and Enhanced Drivers Licenses.

Customs inspectors do have the power to ruin a vacation. If you come under strong scrutiny for any reason, answer questions directly and politely. Tempting though it may be, wise-cracking and rudeness will only be to your own detriment.

When crossing the border on public transportation such as trains and buses, you will if necessary, be reunited with your luggage in order to take it across yourself. Transport companies take the inspection time into account in their schedules, and while mass transit is usually treated efficiently, the companies have no power over delays. Vehicles may be searched at the discretion of the customs officials, whether or not the traveler feels that he or she has complied with customs requirements.

Driving a rental car across the US-Canadian border is usually not a problem, so long as you have made this arrangement with the car rental company. Make sure you have a copy of the rental agreement with you, and that is states you have permission to take the vehicle across the border.

Close to the time you intend to cross, it might be worth asking locals about the comparable prices of gas in each country (factoring in exchange rates), in order to make a budget-conscious decision as to which side to “fill up”.

NOTE: This page discusses the Buffalo-Ft. Erie border crossing (Peace Bridge), the Niagara Falls border crossing (Rainbow Bridge) and the Queenston-Lewiston border crossing between Canada and the United States. For detailed and up-to-date information should you have concerns, be sure to check the various links provided above. This information is made available as a service to our visitors and no guarantee is made as to its completeness or correctness. All information should be independently verified with the relevant authorities.