How long does it take to travel from the Toronto Airport to Niagara Falls?
Traveltime: 1 1/2 hours. This can vary somewhat depending on traffic and time of day

Do I tip the driver?
If you feel you have recieved quality service, then a gratuity is appropriate.

How much notice does Niagara Airbus need before I travel?
3 days notice is required for the the on-line discount and allows us to give the best possible service. However, we will work hard to accomodate any request.

Niagara Airbus has vehicles at the Airports all the time. Do I need a reservation for a transfer?
Niagara Airbus makes many trips per day based on the needs of our booked passengers. It is possible to check in the ground transportation booth without a reservation, however, there is no gurantee that a vehicle will be available at the time you arrive

What if the weather is bad on the day of my departure? My flight is arriving after midnight. How late do you operate?
Niagara Airbus staff monitor weather conditions forecast for the day of your departure. If the forecast is for inclement weather, a reservations agent will advise you that you may be picked up earlier than your orginal assigned time. Niagara Airbus operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Whatever your flight time, we will be there.

I have a small child – Do you provide car seats?
Niagara Airbus does not provide infant seats. Niagara Airbus will install your own car seat in a private CAR vehicle only. If required, Car seats can be taken back to Niagara Airbus Base after drop off, and will be installed upon your return in a private CAR vehicle. Large buses are not equipped with seat belts.

Why does it cost more to take Niagara Airbus to Hamilton than to Toronto or Bufflao?
Niagara Airbus Fares to Pearson/Buffalo are based on volume. Low demand for transfers to Hamilton Airport means that we are most often transporting only one to 2 persons at a time.