Niagara_On_The_Lake_cenotaphNiagara on the Lake was taken by American forces after a two day bombardment by cannons from Fort Niagara and the American Fleet, followed by a fierce battle. Fort George National Historic Site is a focal point in a collection of War of 1812 sites which, collectively, are managed by Parks Canada under the name Niagara National Historic Sites. That administrative name includes several national historic sites: Fort Mississauga, Mississauga Point Lighthouse , Navy Hall, Butlers Barracks, and Queenston Heights.

Its stock of Regency and Classical Revival buildings, considered the best in the country from the post-war of 1812 period, led the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada to recommend that the towns historic district be designated a National Historic Site of Canada, a designation which was approved in 2003.

The town contains other National Historic Sites of Canada within its boundaries: the Battlefield of Fort George and nearby Fort George, Butlers Barracks, Fort Drummond, Fort Mississauga, the site of the Mississauga Point Lighthouse, the Niagara Apothecary , the Niagara District Court House, Queenston Heights, Queenston-Chippawa Hydro-electric Plant, Willowbank and Vroomans Battery.